Name's Jamie, how're you doing? I'm a ballerina, the best of the best, an avid traveler and adventurer, never able to turn down a good drink or an exciting dare, and always up for a good flirt. And just in case you were wondering, also 363 years old and host to the goddess of water who calls herself Sapphire and lives in my head until I'm 500 years old.

... Not that it matters.

Anyways. What can I do you for?

[[Indie OC RP blog. Absolutely willing to play with everyone through threads, memes, asks- anything. US East Cost for your timekeeping purposes. Please read the About & Rules.]]

M!A: None, Always Accepting.
M!A Nightmares || Open RP

Jamie’s eyes could hardly stay open a second longer. It hadn’t been that long of a day, but the library couch was just so comfortable, and the book she had chosen so stupid, that it was almost impossible to stay awake. She looked around; the library was practically empty, so it wasn’t like there would be a ton of people who needed the seat. With a sigh and a small smile she closed the book, tucking it under her crossed arms as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.

No sooner had she fallen asleep than she suddenly felt the hot blood sticky on her hands, the searing electric pain of the cuts on her skin, the aching in her heart. She looked up; the woman was kneeling in front of her, a hand twisted and pulling her hair while the other held a knife to her throat, making more of the thin little cuts- not enough to kill, but enough that Jamie flinched and screamed.

She couldn’t have known that on the couch her body twitched, the little lines appearing on her throat.

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